I love women.

I love women. This is no new realization, but I’ll tell you what made me think about it again tonight.

Every week I put a conditioning mask on my hair. Tonight was that night. I glob this creamy stuff all over my hair and then wait for 10-20 minutes before rinsing it out. While I was waiting to rinse, I got kinda tickled about how odd it is. I want my dead hair cells to be shiny and soft…even though they are dead. Because I want to look beautiful.

I love this about women. We bring beauty. When the west was being settled, women came. Tough as nails. Birthing children and burying husbands along the way. Fighting for survival and hope. But most still brought china with them. Carefully wrapped so as not to break when their wagon breaks an axle. (if you ever played Oregon Trail as a kid, you know that this happens a lot) They did it because when they got to their new homes, they wanted to make them pretty.

My friend Erika is in Haiti right now. Daily life isn’t beautiful, but dusty and generators going out regularly. Regardless of all that I bet she has decorated her home as close to Anthropologie as Haiti can get. Erika is beautiful and has a way of bringing hope to broken people through it. Beauty can help restore a nation.

In college my roomate Wright was great at this. She was an interior design major and her stuff always looked so cute. WAY WAY WAY cuter than my room. She’d paint her room a pale green and her bedspread was flowers on a teal background…when I walked in her room I felt whimsical and inspired. Wright is beautiful. And her spaces make you feel happy.

All women portray beauty in one way or another. It varies and looks different according to the lady…and I LOVE that. So many kinds of beauty are needed in the world. Beauty adds value to things.

In Russia they don’t just have Mothers Day. It is actually Women’s Day. You celebrate ALL women. The Russians are onto something. So, if you are a woman, “Cheers to you!”. If you are a man….you are probably in love with a woman. For being clever enough to fall in love with a woman…”Cheers to you too!”

I think it has been 20 minutes now. I can rinse out my hair. Tomorrow I will have BEAUTIFUL hair.


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2 responses to “I love women.

  1. Wonderful!!! I've got some incredible women in my life, too!!!! Kathy, you, Sophie, Jeannine…and you're all beautiful!

  2. Liz, you are so uplifting! Thank you for the beautiful compliment – You have always had an amazing, unique and confident style that I still find inspiring. I was truly fortunate to have an incredible roomate those 2 years! And, I totally LOVE the background scene for your blog, beautiful! Keep blogging – you have a such a gift. – Wright

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