What I learned from MacGyver

A few nights ago I was working on an application for an adoption grant. I can’t express to you the amount of hours and paperwork this involves. References, tax forms, home study copies, personal statements of faith…this was going to be a long night. I had my trusty diet coke with me but I needed something more…I needed MacGyver. Thankfully, there are two seasons of MacGyver available to watch instantly on Netflix. I jotted down a few of the valuable lessons this iconic hero taught me. They are listed below in no particular order:

1. The Russians are always bad guys. Never ever ever ever trust a Russian. Especially do not make one your confidant regarding nuclear information…MacGyver did this in the first episode I watched & it didn’t work out well for him. If a Russian only goes by one name like “Andre” or ” Big Misha” get out of there ASAP.

2. When you are in another country and a child beggar comes to hug you and welcome you to their country…they probably have just stolen something from your pocket. Twice in one episode this happened to him. And the second time it was a watch that the Russians (I refer you to the first point) were looking for. He did get it back, but it was a nail biter.

3. Leather jackets are always in style.

4. Only purchase furniture that is lightweight and can easily be used to barricade a door quickly. My friend Kendall Hopkins obviously had never watched MacGyver before she purchased her huge armoire.

5. The most important lesson : Whatever you need to get the job done is usually right in front of you. Pen caps, ice cubes, fertilizer…think twice my friends. These can be deadly weapons when in the hands of a skilled master. This may sound cheesy and a bit far reaching, but it REALLY DID enter my brain as I watched him dismantle a bomb with a coconut or something… Thats exactly what God does in my life. He takes things that seem random and insignificant to me and does something really heroic with them. The breakthrough that I need for my situation usually comes from letting Jesus take the random bits and pieces and do something creative with them.

I’d rather not say how much of my adoption application I got filled out. BUT, judging from the lessons learned above, I think we can all say it was a good use of my time.


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2 responses to “What I learned from MacGyver

  1. You know I've never watched one of these, but now I'm curious and need to. Thanks for the insight and how God has put things in front of me to use. Grace as you continue to plow through those papers and praying for future grace as well Elizabeth. Love the way you think.

  2. hahahahahahaha…hahahahaha…ha

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