The Greatest of Fridays

It is indeed Good Friday. It is also Earth Day. I love that these two colide this year. They go hand in hand. The earth and all the people in it…the answer is in the cross. Every issue facing our world today is resolved in Jesus and His sacrifice.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not parish, but have eternal life.”

As I was getting my son dressed today, I was thinking that it isn’t possible for me to love someone enough to willingly put my little boy through pain or much less death. I just wouldn’t do it. My brain cannot fathom how deep and rich a love it would take for a parent to let their child suffer…and yet that is the amount of love God had. What an extravagant and intense love He has for me. What an extravagant and intense love He has for you. For all the people of the earth that have ever lived, are living, and will live in generations to come.

Around the earth today people are doing things for Earth Day to try and address the devastation happening around the globe. Also, around the earth today people are celebrating what Jesus did on the cross. One points to the need. One points to the solution. Jesus came to put the world right again.

Lets take today and spread that message of the deep love that God felt for the earth. His motivation for Jesus dying on the cross in the first place. Good Friday is indeed Earth’s Day.


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3 responses to “The Greatest of Fridays

  1. Amen!!!! Great and TRUE perspective…even with the typo!(john 3:16, rather than 3:36)

  2. gotta love Dads who see the details…

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