All In A Days Work

My current dream job is taking care of these two. Delightful.

     Growing up a friend of mine had a dad with a really cool job. He ranked golf courses. They would fly him around to play golf at various places and then review them. Not too bad, huh? Well, I have compiled a list of jobs I would like to have…
1. Food Critic – You get to eat amazing food! Imagine being able to visit the most amazing restaurants and    not having to pay. This is a pretty sweet gig.
2. Book Editor – You get paid to read. And then you just give people your opinion on how you think their story should have ended. That’s how it works , right?
3. Mattress Tester – You get paid to see how you sleep on a mattress. Was the down pillow-top mattress too firm or too soft? Hmm… I don’t remember. I’ll just have to take another nap on it to see…
4.  Travel Blogger – The tourism departments of countries will pay you to visit their attractions and blog about them. Seriously? I’m thinking Lark & Bloom International is on the horizon. 
5. Fake Executive – In Asian countries they hire Americans to wear suits and attend company or community events. They want to give the image that their company or organization has close ties to the west and is an international player. I wish I was making it up, but I’m not. I could totally do this job, so pass the egg rolls please.

6. Tropical Island Caretaker – The Australian Island, Paradise Island, hires a caretaker to live on the property. You hang out on beaches, act as ambassador to people who visit, and share about it via blogging & social media…what’s not to love?

7. Ferrari Driving Instructor- This job pays about $120,000 a year. Once people purchase the car, you help them learn how to drive it to its full capacity. These are usually former NASCAR drivers who do this job, but I’m sure I could handle it.

8. Professor- I can’t even decide what I would teach. Maybe something that revolves around studying major works of literature and their global effects. Primarily literature that has prompted major political or social changes. I would take that class.

9. Tour Guide – My very first job ever was a tour guide. It was at the Dr. Pepper Museum. This go around, I am thinking a bit more glamorous. Europe maybe. Talk to people and travel. Two things I do well.

10. Advice Columnist- You spend your day telling people your opinion. I was reading Real Simple magazine the other day & looked at the advice section. People asking how to tell their friends that they don’t like their cooking. Or how to let their spouse know that they are gaining weight… How do people get qualified to be advice columnists anyway?  Is there any follow up to see if their advice works? Either way, I would take the job.

Amazing that these are actual careers, but they are. Any fun jobs you would want to have?


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4 responses to “All In A Days Work

  1. Just love the jobs you would take. My thoughts are you do a wide variety of jobs even right now, have you written about that already?I remember years ago going to conference and they asked if you could do anything what would you? I felt guilty for loving my life so much I thought, "I'm living it." Then Laurie Beth Jones who was leading asked how many are living their dream life s few of us timidly raised our hands and said, "Good!"I think one of the things I would want to do is hang out with young people. They give me so much life and charge me up. We are so fortunate to be living that right now.

  2. (to easy)All i ever Wanttted, was tobe a proffesional youtube commentator..when i grow up(the top comm.not the 11yrold h8s.) Oh wait…nonexistant proffesion. Yea, Umm '$' isnt the point of evuthing. *fist pump* upvote

  3. So which one would you do first?

  4. Snort..hahaha…I think the same things about advice columnist…how do they decide that you're qualified for this?? This post was delightfully light…thanks!!

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