God Said "Go"….again…

It’s Packing Time Again!

Wow! We have some exciting news to share with everyone. A few months ago, God began to stir our hearts . We weren’t sure what the stirring was for, but we knew God was up to something. Then an opportunity came a-knockin. 
Jady was offered a job at Antioch in Waco, TX. It is the church we were sent out of to plant Mosaic in Seattle six years ago & it is the church All People’s was planted out of as well. They want Jady to come and help produce the World Mandate conference, and serve the movement as a whole. We prayed about it, sought council and decided that it was a God opportunity for our family. 
So, we are moving back to Waco…never say ‘never’ right? Despite some of the cultural adjustments we will feel (we have been on the West coast for six years) our family could not be more excited. Genuinely excited. One thing we have learned on this journey is that whenever God guides us into a new place, it is GOOD. 
Jady will be able to use his gifts and passions in practical ways as he helps serve the movement and World Mandate – that is going to be really fun for him. Also, a lot of our family lives in Waco. Elizabeth’s parents, and all of our siblings, their spouses & children…LOTS of family there. The family aspect is such a refreshment for all of us…not to mention free babysitters…
Hmm…you have questions???
When Are You Going?
Here is the kicker…we are moving on Sept. 5th. That is correct, just one week away. It may sound sudden, but everything is lining out perfectly. It is also the best time for our family, All People’s Church and Antioch to transition. The World Mandate Conference is in two weeks, so we will be able to be there for it.
What About Adoption?
This move is going to make completing our adoption easier. Praise the Lord! Our adoption agency is actually located in Waco so we will be able to work with them directly. You may remember California won’t accept our Washington paperwork, so we were having to re-do everything. Well, Texas will accept it and all we have to do are a few updates. Thankfully, we haven’t spent any money on our California process, so no adoption funding is wasted in the move.
How Can We Pray?
You are so sweet to ask that. Really, sweet. We would love it if you pray with us. Obviously there are tons of things, but here is a short list. 
  • Pray for all the practicals. Safe travels, emotion adjustments, Sophie’s new school, and that we wouldn’t shrivel up in the Texas heat.
  • All People’s Church has blessed us to leave and we want to pray that blessing back on them. Pray that the transition on their end is smooth as other people pick up the jobs Jady was doing.
  • If you have known us long, you know that we have moved many times when we lived in Seattle, then San Diego & now Waco. Over the past six years, we have lived in eight houses. That is a bunch of houses, but we are ready for a home.We would love, love, love to be able to buy a house. Please pray that we would be able to get money together for a down payment. 
Thanks for your interest in our lives, and for praying along side us as we simply obey God each step of the way! We will keep you posted…now, back to packing.
                            The Griffins
Jady playing drums at World Mandate in 2009
World Mandate Conference


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2 responses to “God Said "Go"….again…

  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see what God has in store for all four of you! I will definitely be praying for a smooth move, an easy transition and continued provision. Love you all and super excited at what God has done and is doing in and through you. Blessings! Ginger

  2. I will definitely watch sophie and tait for u guys! Can't wait to see y'all.Uncle Luke

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