I Have No Rights

Times of transition promote reflection for me. I not only reflect on the things I am leaving behind me, but also the things I see ahead of me…or want to see ahead of me. I love dreaming and imagining the possibilities, but sometimes it churns up things I wish stayed under the surface.

I find myself feeling entitled. As if I have a right to something. I jotted down a list of things I often feel I have a right to:

* owning a home
* having a comfortable amount of savings
* my kids attending the very best schools
* increase in my areas of influence without ever returning to a ‘hidden’ season
* taking fabulous vacations…every year. ( Europe preferably )
* to be asked with genuine sincerity “How are you doing?”, “What do you think?” or “Can I help
* I think I have a right to make more money than I did last year
* to be the very best at something
* to be acknowledged and sought after
* to be understood

The list can go on…But, I have no rights. I have only grace. A Grace that holds me in my insecure moments. A Grace that takes me to the heights I could never reach on my own. A Grace that loves me when I am ridiculous and throw an internal fit over the list I mentioned above. A Grace that ignores all my lack of qualifications and risks on me regardless. A Grace that sees potential and not problems.

I do not have rights. I have Grace. And I will take that over rights any day.


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7 responses to “I Have No Rights

  1. So good! A needed word for my heart! Thanks for always sharing from the heart and keeping real! That in and of itself is life giving!

  2. I have not right to healthy, happy children and grandchildren. But by God's grace, I have them!Mom(can't post via Google account so I chose anonymous)

  3. Sorry, that should be "I do not have the right to…"

  4. Love the honesty of this post friend! Can't wait to read about your next chapter in your book.

  5. I have grace and that's more than enough. There's a song we sing at church, not sure of the real title, but we call it Surrender. Some of the lyrics say, "I'm giving up my rights, I'm laying down my pride, for the promise of new life." Stopping by from Finding Heaven. I'm going to look around for a while. šŸ™‚ Many blessings!

  6. Jen

    Your words, so good, friend. I find that when I take up the security offered up under the "rights," God inevitably shows me how much better His grace is…

  7. Oh so beautifully written. A big bell gonged deep inside of me. I've been working on my pride but I have so much further to go. Sometimes it's just a blessing to know I'm not the only one who struggles with an issue.Blessings,Pamela

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