God Doesn’t Triage

Triage: the sorting through victims to determine the level of priority for treatment
We are all familiar with it. You go to the waiting room in the ER and they take your vital signs. ‘Oh, you aren’t on the complete verge of death. You can wait nine hours while we handle the really wounded people.’
Naturally I want the doctors to save those whose lives are at stake before they set my broken bone. But, sadly I transfer this mindset onto how God handles me. 
I have been thinking about Africa today. This is nothing new since I am adopting two kids from Uganda. But, today was a bit different. I thought of how dire the situations are for so many in that continent. Ravaged by disease, war, corruption, famine…so many things. My natural reaction is to feel embarrassed that I think I have trials in my life. What is my small need compared to famine? So I wipe my tears and sit in the corner waiting until the important issues have been dealt with. Except, I hurt too…
I found balance and rest in this thought: God doesn’t triage.
He doesn’t look at the widow in Nigeria and then look at me and say “Oh, Elizabeth sit over there. You can wait.” 
No person is more valuable than another to God. He doesn’t compare life stories and then respond to the most emotionally compelling one. God doesn’t triage because He doesn’t have to. He is more than capable of taking care of each of us.
He isn’t limited in time, resources or emotional capacity. Each of us get the same treatment whether we come to him with a scrapped knee or a life threatening infection. God is just as concerned with healing my pain as He is yours. 
He is a Great Physician and in His presence none of us have to wait in line.


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3 responses to “God Doesn’t Triage

  1. "God doesn't triage…" I love this! Such a great picture of our limitless God and His eagerness to engage with our wounds and brokenness. Such a great reminder for me this morning!

  2. This is great Liz. Thanks so much for sharing your revelations. I really enjoy reading your bloggity blog.

  3. From MamaJeannieWonderful encouragment! Thanks Elizabeth.

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