The Most Fantastic Day

Every day with this man is a fantastic day…

I really needed a good day. These past few months have begun to take their toll on me. I have lived in 3 states since March, we are trying to raise $15,000 to complete our adoption, needing to figure out where my place of contribution was in ministry here,  we were trying to buy a house but didn’t have a down payment…So many practical things. Plus, this past week I have been trying to fight off really anxious thoughts and the sense of being, well, mediocre. 

A few days ago I looked at all the things in my life that seemed to be swirling around me and said, “God. I need a break.”. God heard my cry and gave me today…

8:30am : I woke up. Jady took the kids this morning so I could sleep in…(yes, with 2 small kids 8:30 is sleeping in) I then spent time with Jesus and had a relaxing morning with the kids.

12:00 : My 5 year old surprised me by making lunch for our whole family. The most tasty sandwiches, chips and fruit ever. 

1:30 : I got a massage. My mom gave me a voucher she had for a free 1 hr session at a local spa. It was heavenly. The lady beat me. She pushed on the knots in my neck so hard that I actually started sliding off the table. Oh, bliss.

3:00 : Arrive back at the house to find sleeping children. So, I got to take a nap. Glory!

4:30 : My dad comes home and with an envelope for Jady from someone else. We open it up and there was a $2,000 check for our downpayment! Really?!?!? 

4:50 : A different person calls on Jady’s cell phone. They ask how much we still need for a downpayment. We say $2500. He tells us that he is sending us a check for that amount to cover the remainder! What!?!?! 

In 20 minutes God provided $4500 for our house out of the blue. We hadn’t called these people and asked them to give. God just knew what we needed when we needed it. He knew I needed a day of complete rest. Sleep, relaxation and provision. He knew I needed a miracle. And He gave me one. 

So thankful for a kind God who blesses beyond what I deserve. 


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3 responses to “The Most Fantastic Day

  1. Ah! Praise the Lord!!!! I am blown away at the goodness he's showing you guys today (but, then again, kinda not, because he seems to do this a lot.) His spontaneous generosity makes me think about those times when he told me 'there's hope for you…." so excited you're experiencing the abundance.

  2. I love, love, love this story on so many levels. That there were people that listened well, that you and Jady waited, that in your day of rest, not in your day of wrestling He showed up. Also love how the glory and honor goes to Him. Thanks for sharing, builds my faith. Love to you and yours.

  3. From MamaJeannieOh my! I so agree with Kathy E's response to you Elizabeth. God is faithful!!

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