I Want To Make It Magical

I Want To Make It Magical.

I want to paint in red. Flinging bold expressions of myself & leaving scarlet markings along the way. I want to get lost on a motorcycle somewhere in Italy – stopping only for picnics of pizza and every other form of carbs. I want to speak before Congress. I want life to be memorable.
I want to sit by fires at friends’ houses watching the time pass. Sharing tender moments with the people I love. Hearing stories of pain, loss, victory and anticipation. I want to be a contributor in a conversation that is life changing. I want my friends to borrow my clothes. I want to invite you over for dinner…even though we have most likely never met. I want to be family.
I want to walk the wrong way on the sidewalk while talking inappropriately loud on my cell phone. Read a book on a bus – round, round and around all day until I finish. I want to watch YouTube videos in my kitchen and laugh so hard no sound comes out. I want to wear false eyelashes for no apparent reason. Yelling in the library and going for a stroll in the rain – I want to make a scene. I want to be free.
I want to write because I have things to say, not because I want to be read. I want to love my husband so hard that people are inspired to risk on love again. I want to pick the ‘last-kid-picked-in-dodgeball’ first. I want to talk to God about hard things without demanding He give me the answers. I want to fill each crevice of each day with memories. I want to live – really live.


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5 responses to “I Want To Make It Magical

  1. I have no doubt that you will do most if not all of these. And along the way you'll inspire others to really live their lives, not just exist.Lolly

  2. I want to eat some tacos.

  3. Well, tacos are always a good choice.

  4. What a great post. Here's to you really living!

  5. I also want to do all those things…it's like you read my mail! Thanks for sharing!

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