The Top 10 Reasons You Should Accept My Bribe

Here is a photo taken by Anchor & Key. This is what will happen inside my little heart if I win.

Oh, get ready people. This is my SHAMELESS attempt at a bribe. Don’t judge. You have no idea how fantastic the prize is and how badly I want it. Anchor & Key is a top-knotch photography biz located in Boston. They are giving away a photo shoot for Valentine’s Day. What? Yes, you are right. I don’t live in Boston. They travel regularly to NYC and Austin, so if I win, I will haul my family to Austin for the day. 
In attempts to convince them that they should pick ME, I have listed the Top 10 Reasons I should win. 

1. I am nicer than anyone you know. Well, maybe not. BUT if you pick me, I will be the nicest person to you.

2. The last time I won something was at my senior prom & it was a stereo. I think we all know that my senior prom was a LONG time ago…

3. Your pictures are beautiful, you make everyone in your pictures look beautiful, and who doesn’t want to have a gorgeous picture of themselves?

4. Okay, going back to #2. I just remembered that I did actually win something last summer. It was a free shave at a barber shop. But, I don’t have a beard so it was pretty much a non-prize for me. All that to say, it is high time I win something.

5. I follow you on twitter ( @anchorandkey ) and I like your Facebook page. And I am now telling everyone who reads my blog to do the same. You really won’t regret it people.

6. I am adopting two new kiddos and I would LOVE to have some great family pics with my new additions. (can you tell I am going for the heart?)

7. Did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures you take?

8. I make a really good eclair dessert & if I win, I will bring you a piece to the shoot.

9. This is a valentines day give away. Valentines day is my favorite holiday. Well, no. It isn’t my favorite holiday, but if I win – it will be.

10. I should win because my husband and I love to show people pictures of ourselves. If the photos were taken by you then it would be loads of free advertising.

Okay. That was my first bribe I’ve ever done. This could be addicting.

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