Kony 2012 – A Mother’s Plea

The internet is buzzing today about Kony 2012. In case you are among the many who don’t know who that is, watch this video. Even if you do know who it is, watch it. Yes, it is 27 minutes long. But surely you can spare 27 minutes ?

Click Here To Watch The Kony 2012 Video

Twitter, Facebook and You Tube have been flooded with people sharing the video and giving support for the Kony 2012 campaign. It is a viral movement. 

The rapid spread of this issue had also gotten quite a bit of criticism. Individuals are mocking the mass of people who never seemed to care about the crisis before it became a popular cause. 

Sure, there are a lot of people who are suddenly passionate about something they hadn’t cared about before. Yes, maybe it is the ‘trendy’ thing to do. But, so what? If raising awareness is a trend, I pray that we all get super trendy really quick.

I know some people don’t approve of the way they use their funds, or the way they are running things in Uganda.  If you don’t like their spending practices, fine, don’t give them money. Give to another organization in Uganda that you think is better. I can give you a few suggestions if you want. But don’t mock people who are doing something to help oppressed people. That helps no one.

I understand that Kony isn’t in Uganda at the moment, but is hiding out in neighboring regions. Maybe that fact wasn’t clear enough in the video. Regardless of what border he is in, he should be found and prosecuted for war crimes. The point is injustice is happening. We need to know & we need to help.

I am a mother. Two of my children are Ugandan and live in Uganda right now. One little boy & one little girl. This issue is personal to me. I care about the nation of Uganda. I care that over 30,000 children have been kidnapped – the girls used as sex slaves and the boys as child soldiers. 

I know that probably 90% of the people posting the video will not still be involved in the issue 12 months from now. But, I don’t care. It matters that people are involved now. It matters that people know. It matters that a generation of Ugandans are able to live without fear. 

Broken nations dream too. Uganda dreams. Give them a voice not a snub.


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3 responses to “Kony 2012 – A Mother’s Plea

  1. That video was so powerful! Everyone should see it. It was definitely the most important 27 minutes I've spent in a long, long time. Thanks for sharing. Prayers that the children are freed!Lolly

  2. BTW…have you guys gotten your referrals yet???

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