I Am A Celebrity In Taiwan

Taiwan was good to me. The extent of my stay was the airport, but there was so much to love. It was just a layover on the way to Thailand, but it gave me some very enriching experiences.
First, was the Hello Kitty Lounge. I would like to note that this is not a children’s area. This lounge is for adult passengers & it was in fact full of adults. Hello Kitty was splashed throughout the entire space.  If you go to Taiwan you most definitely need to stop by. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. There are life size cutouts of Hello Kitty pointing the way to the lounge throughout the entire airport.
Also, I had some delightful dumplings and some kind of ginger soup for breakfast. Yes, breakfast. When in Taiwan…

The best part about my visit was the fact that I am apparently a celebrity in Taiwan. My friend Amy was traveling with me and she was the first to notice it. Everyone was staring at me. Then they started whispering to each other. Next thing we know their phones come out & photos are being taken. Here I am sitting at the gate where these people had just snapped my photo. 
Then my loyal fans began to nonchalantly try and see the name on my boarding pass. I didn’t oblige. They would know I am not whatever celebrity they thought I was & I would go back to basic pedestrian status. 
I would like to thank the person in the Taiwan airport that started the rumor that I was famous. It was great fun & by far the best lie ever told about me. Sadly, when I returned to America I was not greeted with the same respect & fanfare. The rumor died somewhere over the Pacific. 
Amy & I were never able to figure out who they mistook me for. Any guesses? 


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10 responses to “I Am A Celebrity In Taiwan

  1. I think that when your hair is blond, you look a lot Gwyneth Paltrow.

  2. Scarlett Johansson, no doubt about it.Lolly

  3. Nope, I think you look more like Taylor Swift. But, they could have just thought you were a supermodel. Miss you, by the way!-Sarah Annillo

  4. There's no tellin', Liz! Someone in Korea once told Treavor that he looked like Tom Hanks. Really?! I think the nationals just thought you were gorgeous and they wanted to tell everyone that you were their secret girlfriend or something by proving it with a picture!

  5. Most recently, I think you look A LOT like Carly Rae Jepsen (only from viewing the music video for "Call Me Maybe"…Maybe???I love Taiwan – spent 3 weeks there in March 11 for our visas! Glad you enjoyed the airport 😉

  6. If only I could sing like Taylor Swift! Miss you too.

  7. Well, if I ever go back then I will ask you for things to do outside the airport!

  8. In this pic I would guess they thought you were Scarlett Johansson.

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