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It’s Not Personal, It’s Politics.

Throwing it back on Thursdays. This post seems to apply right now.

Ahh. It is that time again. Election season. This occurrence happens every 4 years when people become quite vocal about their opinions and everything that is wrong with America. I was a political science major – I love politics. I love that we live in a country that allows me to have a voice. Our views are important and I have no problem with people expressing the things they are deeply concerned about regarding our country and it’s leadership. I know that my readers come from all spectrums of political views.

But, as this election season gains momentum, I’d like to suggest a few things to make this experience more pleasant for all of us…

1. Don’t Assume You Know What Someone Thinks – You may think that all Christians are Republicans and all environmentalists are Democrats. But really, they aren’t. You might be surprised to find out what people really think. It gets awkward for me when you are bashing a political party and assuming that I agree with you. Please, don’t put me in that position. 

2. Discuss, Don’t Bash – America is a fantastic place that allows us to openly discuss what we believe and our reasons for believing it. I love hearing about different points of view & why you don’t want to vote for someone. Just be respectful as you do it. 

3. Social Media Overload –  Some of you think you need to post your opinions on social media. Just remember that the voting age is 18 & your posts should sound like someone over 18 wrote them. If you are going public with it, sound like an intelligent person. Let’s not make a political statement followed by LOL! or OMG! Just a thought to consider…

4. One Really Is Enough- This applies to yard signs and bumper stickers. Yes, put a sign in your yard! If you have a Ron Paul sign in your yard, I know who you support. The same with stickers. If you have a bumper sticker that says ROMNEY, I know that you think he is the best candidate. Putting 10 stickers for Romney doesn’t make me think, “Wow. He really MUST be the best candidate.” It makes me think” All those stickers…what are they gonna do when they want to sell their car???”

5. Get the facts. Pray. And Vote. – I highly suggest reading the actual transcripts of the debates and not just getting your opinion from political commentary. Make sure you know what someone really thinks about an issue. Pray about who to vote for. Then go vote. 

Alright. Those are my thoughts on that. At the end of the day we are all in this together. Let’s be nice as we exercise our rights.

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I Crawled Into A Really Small Hole Once

I crawled into a really small hole once. A hole I didn’t think could hold me. A hole I didn’t think could encompass the full scope of who I am.

There were times I wondered if I was shoved into this tiny space or if actually chose it.

It got boring in that hole. It wasn’t big enough for my dreams. It wasn’t big enough for the person I was trying to become. It wasn’t even big enough to bring a friend into.

There didn’t appear to be room for the fullness of who I was. The only version of me that could fit in the space was a very edited version. So edited I seemed nonexistent at times.

Just me and my hole. God was there though. Sometimes I got mad because He seemed to take up so much of the space. Space I could have used for other things.I got mad. I got mad because it seemed the hole was holding me. My very source of discomfort was becoming my comfort. I didn’t want to love the hole.

But I did. I began to own the mud walls. I smiled when I felt the dirt under my fingertips. It became home.

I began to find some resemblance of myself in that little cleft of the rock. A sense of belonging to it.

I have been told that His glory passes when we are in that place. I can’t really say that I saw it at the time. It felt more like being stuck in a small hole.

I would prefer not to get stuck in another hole again.

However, if it happens, I know I will see more Glory. And that is what this journey is about.


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Celebrating The One-Legged Lady

My sweet daughter. A lady who always speaks her mind.

I love being a mom, really I do. There are moments when it can be a bit challenging though. Moments when your daughter points out things that are best left unsaid. Especially when you are in a public place. 

“Look! She only has ONE leg!!!”
“Mom, that guy’s eyes are so creepy!”
“Hey!!! Why is the fat lady shopping in that motorized cart? Is she too fat to walk???”
We were in Target once when something terrible happened.  The cashier was a woman in her mid 30s & as we inched closer to the register my stomach dropped. There were people lined up behind us so there was no way of escaping what I knew was about to happen. The female cashier had a beard. Not just peach fuzz, some real facial hair. Dear God, please don’t let Sophie say anything. PLEASE!
Next thing I know my darling daughter yells, “Mom! That lady has a beard! No, really she has hair on her face.”. She didn’t say it or whisper. The volume was full on yelling. Ugh.
Desperate to get her quiet I found myself saying, “Yes she does. But doesn’t she have pretty eyes?”. It was an attempt to patch what I am sure was a painful blow to this poor lady who just got called out  for her hormone imbalances. 

Thankfully Sophie agreed that her eyes were pretty. Checking out was still a painful process. Do I apologize to the lady? Do I act like my daughter didn’t just publicly shame her? I ended up just handing her the credit card & getting out without mentioning it.

Walking to the car I realized that most people, women especially, do that too. Focus on what is wrong not what is right. Focus on the peach fuzz on their chin instead of their crystal blue eyes. Most of us don’t know how to celebrate imperfection. Especially in ourselves.

Now when Sophie points out the old lady with shaking arms, we talk about how pretty her long fingers are. The lady with burned skin on her face actually has a beautiful smile. The child in her class who is autistic may do things that she thinks are strange, but he also has a contagious laugh.

I don’t want my daughter to be like me. Secretly, I see all of the imperfections in people and get disgusted. Especially with my own imperfections. 

I want my kids to know how to celebrate the woman with one leg. How to praise her for what IS beautiful about her. Not just so they can be nice, but because it will be them one day.

One day they will realize that they aren’t perfect. None of us are. Our bodies carry more fat than we would like, our athletic abilities fall short, we didn’t grow as tall as we wish we had and our hard work won’t always show on a test score.

I want my kids to admire the woman with one leg for her strength, because one day they will realize that they are not perfect themselves. They will discover their missing “leg”.  And I want them to celebrate anyway.


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