Pea Head Takes A Vacation

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Pea Head is taking a vacation. I am Pea Head. I got that nickname in Turkey. Someone there discovered that my head is in fact, very small. It is hidden underneath really fluffy hair, so you probably haven’t ever noticed. That is another story for another day…

But, this Pea Head is tired. September was one of the busiest months I have ever had in years. Full time mom, speaking engagements, helping build an anti-trafficking organization, writing guest posts, dealing with a family member who is having some challenges…it was a bit out of control to be honest.
In the midst of my stress headaches I began to evaluate Lark & Bloom. I love writing & telling everyday stories, but I feel as if God is wanting to clarify somethings for me regarding this blog. It has been a total hodge-podge of thoughts, which is a pretty good reflection of it’s author. 
This image puts it well. I want to take the month of October to create Lark & Bloom’s future. Nothing major – it isn’t suddenly going to become a recipe blog or a place to find do-it-yourself tips. In fact, you may not notice much of a change at all. 
However, I need a bit more internal direction when I sit down to write. So, Pea Head is going to take some time to get inspired, envisioned and have a bit more of an understanding of what I want Lark & Bloom to be.
Look forward to seeing you all in November! 

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One response to “Pea Head Takes A Vacation

  1. I can be patient. 🙂 Totally understand. Hope you get lots of rest and that the Lord speaks tenderly to you on the direction your blog is to take.

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