The Question That Will Change Your Life


This question really will change your life. I have asked it countless times. Sure, 95% of the time it doesn’t change a thing. The majority of my “What ifs”  never materialize or are forgotten five minutes after I’ve spoken them.

I have a billion “What ifs”  in a day. Many are ridiculously ambitions and driven by the emotion of the moment. However, some stick. I have moved cities, forged new relationships, and set off on fantastic adventures thanks to this question.

What if I just saved up my money for a year and went to Italy?

What if I adopted?

What if I let myself really fall in love?

What if I’m wrong?

What if I went with some friends and planted a church?

What if I applied for that career in the fashion industry regardless of my lack of experience?

What if I wrote down what I am thinking?

What if I stopped apologizing for the way I see the world?

What if I wore red lipstick even though it seems fantastically bold?

What if it was different than I’ve always thought?

What if I sold most of what I own to get out of debt?

What if I tried something new? Something I’ve never considered doing?

My list has led me to countless countries, taken me into the vulnerable depths of God’s love, merged my life with amazing friends, and birth dreams I’d never considered before.

When my life seems stuck, I always go back to this question. I sit with God and ask the biggest “What if ” I can think of. Bigger, bolder, beyond my ability…that is the space God lives in. That is the life He dreams for me.

I’m taking the next few weeks to ask some new “What ifs” for 2013. What is your favorite “What if” question? I may use it as I dream into 2013!


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4 responses to “The Question That Will Change Your Life

  1. What if I realized I can do all the things I think I can’t?

    This is a great question to ponder over the next couple weeks, thanks for the challenge!

  2. What if this really is part of his plan? What if his plan has something amazing in store for me? What if he really does have plans for a hope and a future for me? What if his love really can cover all of this heartache forever?

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