Ask me.



Hey there!  You look like the inquisitive type & today is your lucky day. When I started An Uncomfortable January I left a day open to answer a question. Your question maybe. I have written about plenty of vulnerable things, but they have all been on my terms. You picking the terms is pretty out of my comfort zone. So, what do you want to know?

Ask me in the comments or shoot me an email. I can also be found on twitter, Instagram, Facebook …pick your social media poison. Ask away.

I’ll pick one of them and answer it in a post next week. It can be funny, serious or uncomfortably vulnerable. Your choice.

So, what do you want to know???



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4 responses to “Ask me.

  1. Jeannie McGinnis

    So – where do you get all your uber cool graphics for your blog – and do you pay for them? (not the most vulnerable but I have wanted to ask)

  2. Well, thanks for saying they are uber cool. No, I don’t pay for them. I usually create them myself online for free using Pixlr or with apps on my phone. However, I do sometimes pull a graphic from another site & if I do that then I always cite it at the bottom.

  3. I’m great at asking uncomfortable questions. It was the whole premise of our small group in Atlanta before we moved here. Seriously, we tried to ask each other the most uncomfortably vulnerable questions possible in search of true authenticity. It worked.
    Anyways, here’s a couple:
    1. Everyone knows you and Jady have great style. Do you try really really hard to look cool, and/or ever worry you’ll be perceived as lame or unfashionable if you don’t put enough effort in?
    2. What do you and Jady fight about?
    3. What’s your weakest area as a parent?

    Bam. In the name of justice, feel free to ask me any of these or any other questions you have for me. ❤

  4. What events in your life caused you to grow the most in your faith/walk with God.

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