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A while ago I was at a party having a great conversation with a new friend. We were discussing how hard it is for him with his little kids to keep growing in the things he is passionate about. He is a musician. It brings him life and there is a desire in him to teach music at a community college. If you hear him talk about it, you know that he would be incredibly successful. It made me want to take up music…but I know better. It would be a short lived trend.

See, here is the catch…he has to wait. He has a growing family. Instead of buying new music equipment or going back to school for his Masters, he has to buy a car that will fit his family. Work a job that isn’t a long term passion so that he can provide for his new baby. He is doing the right thing. Our chat ended with him asking me a question. How do I steward the things that God has put in my heart, when I can’t act on them yet?

As you are reading this there are little ideas or big dreams sitting in your heart waiting to burst out. But, like my friend, you can’t do anything about them yet. Or can you? If God put something in your heart, it is your responsibility to steward that. What does that look like?

Here are three thoughts:

1. Be patient. Time is a great sifter. Waiting helps sort through what is God’s dream and what is us being ambitious. Over time the word of God remains and all the bits that we added flake off. If we can’t stay on fire over a period of years, then it probably isn’t the flame we are meant to carry. If I ran with every dream that came through my mind, I would have been everything from a rancher (ha!) to a military intelligence analyst. (double ha!). While we wait, we pray. We contend in heaven for what we want on earth.

2. Build in Your Heart. No one starts a business and then builds a business plan. That would be stupid. We don’t just sit on our couch waiting for the “magic moment” when we get the go ahead from God to run with these things…or wait around till our kids are grown and we have more time. No, we build. We learn, read and prepare for what He has for us. The season of waiting is key for getting our lives in order. Get real with your fears, insecurities or any other issues that would hender you when its time to run with your God given dreams.

3. Bloom where you are planted. If you can’t thrive where you are, you won’t thrive in the next place either. Its easy for me to think that my daily activities aren’t that important & I will be a hard worker when the important things come along. Not true. If I can’t keep my house clean, I can’t lead an organization. Thrive in your heart & in your place of planting… wherever that is now.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells us that when we are faithful with the little things we have been given, He will makes us ruler over much. This means don’t blow off your marriage waiting for more important things to come. Don’t mismanage your finances because you are waiting for the next big thing in investing to pay off. We don’t look over the people in our lives to see which people are coming next. Engage and flourish.

Don’t sit on your dreams waiting for the perfect time and environment to start. Just start dreaming them. Maybe it is just in your heart for now, but steward what God has put in you. The world needs more dreamers.


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17 responses to “stewarding dreams

  1. That is a very powerful question he asked. Preach, girl.

  2. That’s right where I live.

  3. Needed this today.

    I just quit my steady government job I could have retired in, if I so desired. But I never felt it was a fulfilling job or what I was meant to do, despite that I am good at the job. I was always craving more and this job was slowly eating away at my self-esteem.

    Instead, I’m moving to a job that’s a whole lot less stable but that fits my life right now, doing something I actually enjoy. I didn’t seek it out, which makes me think that this is what’s meant for me right now. And that I need to pour my heart and soul into it, even if it’s damn scary.

  4. We just moved across the country so my husband could finally go to music school and pursue a dream that has never gone away. We left our mini van and a secure bank career. It’s scary and we feel crazy but we know that this is the dream that we were meant to pursue. And we’ve been waiting for the fruition of it to happen for years, even tried to make it happen in our time but it didn’t work out. God knew and this is the right time for it. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy, it just means that we are where we are supposed to be. =)

    Thanks for this encouragement, today, I needed it.

  5. I just broke out my Presbyterian nod and “hmmmmm” for this. Right on.

  6. This post just gave me a kick in the butt, one I desperately needed. I followed you hear from Kat’s.

    Thankful I did.

  7. I live down the street. I do breathing exercises…inhale: bloom…exhale: where…I’m… planted…

  8. There is a new book coming out – The Power of Starting Something Stupid – That will be really helpful when God releases you to follow your dreams.

  9. Har! I needed to read that! Thanks to Kat for sending me in your direction.
    I have big plans (probably littley ones compared to others, but big for me) but where I am is the perfect training ground for where I want to be. I didn’t see it until I read your post. Thank you. And Praise God!

  10. such a excellent post in relation to whats been going on in my life. My boyfriend clearly stated that I am different and rather an unproductive daydreamer than a dreamer.

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