dreams come to life


If you have known me or been a reader very long, then you know that I love justice AND the political process. It is also a secret public knowledge that I would love to be a lobbyist. This past Monday I had my dream come to life.

It didn’t come true, but it did come to life. See, in my dreams I don’t have a 3 year old sitting in my lap during a meeting with a state senator. I don’t pull out toy airplanes when looking for my business card. And I don’t watch Cars on the ride down.

But that is my life. I have a 3 year old. And when our dreams come into our lives it looks a bit different than we expected. The timing is different, the people are different, and you don’t feel confident and prepared like you do in your dreams. Dreams intersect our everyday lives. I am finding that having a dream coming to life is much sweeter than a dream coming true.

We wait and wait for our dreams to come true. Perfect, planned and with a theme song. But, your dreams will probably come to life instead. Keep an eye out, or you might miss them when they do. Your dream may be a 3 yr old in a bow tie.







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