the marriage equality debate & why Easter is right on time


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I have been asked several times these past few days to comment on the marriage equality debate that has been front & center this week. Well, I am not going to tell you what I think the courts should do & nothing in this post is a hint at it either.  But I will say this:

Easter couldn’t come at a better time. I’ll tell you why.

It is an important discussion. What is marriage & what is government’s role in it all? I am not here to make light of the issue or suggest you stop communicating your beliefs. This is a diverse group of readers. You range from missionaries to lesbian couples. I am sure that opinions run strong and are deeply personal.

I have watched on Facebook as people have been attacked for changing their profile picture to support marriage equality. I have watched people being attacked for not changing their profile picture. I have seen slanderous things being said about people I know.

Have your beliefs, express them and exercise your right as a voter. That is what makes America beautiful in my opinion.  My prayer is that this week we don’t become arrogant in our opinions. I hope we never think that the “other” people are the problem. Some people are extreme and fanatical, but most people have a good reason they believe the way they do.

I feel like we miss an opportunity for helpful dialogue when we begin to dislike the people we are talking to. It begins to shift from people not supporting gay marriage to disliking people who do support it. And it shifts from  people supporting gay marriage to disliking people who do not. I wish we listened to more of the ‘why’ after finding out the ‘what’.

Which brings me back to Easter. It is the ultimate story of love. The story of a God who so deeply longed to have relationship with us. We were each broken in our own way and unable to reach God on our own. He didn’t demand what we could not give. And so He came. God sent His son, Jesus, who died on a cross and paid every price that we should have paid. His payment on the cross bought our freedom. It bought my freedom.

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem before His death, the people surrounded Him shouting “Hosanna!”.

Hosanna. It means “save us”. This is what Easter is about. Save us!

Hosanna isn’t “Jesus save those liberals and gays who are ruining our families and destroying our nation.”

Hosanna isn’t  “Jesus save those narrow-minded Christians who are promoting discrimination and hate people who don’t believe what they believe. “

Hosanna. Save us. All of us.

Easter is just as much about God saving us as it is everyone else. Our addictions no one knows, our envy and manipulation, our fear and all the things deep in the hidden places.

Easter is coming just in time. Believe it or not, I think our nation is actually crying “Hosanna” this week.

So, as we engage in this discussion and prepare for Easter this weekend, let’s be humble.

Lets come together , put down our stones we love to throw and with one voice cry “Hosanna”…God save us.

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March 28, 2013 · 8:00 am

6 responses to “the marriage equality debate & why Easter is right on time

  1. Sooo awesome! I only wish that the table I sat at all the year throughout Easters focused more on that. I came from a Christian upbringing but it was always clear and made complaint of the problems and who was causing what. May I take this same attitude towards my future Easter table.

  2. Lolly

    “He didn’t demand what we could not give. And so He came.” That says it all! Thanks for posting this.

  3. Lovely and desperately needed post, Elizabeth! Love your thoughts on what “Hosanna isn’t”.

  4. mnicholas2012

    I think you handled an explosive topic just right. Thanks for letting us know.It is weighing on all.

  5. Billyy McMahon

    thank you for posting this!

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