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I’m Fired

*** I am currently out of town for spring break. So, this week I am pulling posts from the archives. Enjoy! ***

What I am about to say, I say without shame. Cast your judgements if you must, but I can not deny it. I LOVE reality shows. I do, I can’t help it. Not the ones about Housewives who have WAY too much time on their hands or the Bachelor. Those are completely stupid. Top Chef, Shark Tank, Chopped, America’s Next Great Restaurant, Biggest Loser…I love them. I also like The Apprentice.

Thanks to hulu I can watch them while I fold laundry at night or clean the house during the kid’s nap. The other night I was watching The Apprentice and thinking to myself “If they gave me that task, I would completely get fired.” Later that night I was having trouble going to sleep. So, I whittled the time away laying in bed and thinking about the jobs I would most likely get fired from. Most of these on my first day.

1. Waitress. I would be a horrible waitress. I’d be the one who stops to chat at the tables and forgets the other people at my other tables. My trays would spill regularly because balance isn’t my strong suit. I hate to admit this, but I know that I would zone out when people tell me their orders. I’d probably be thinking about something else, get back to the kitchen and realize I don’t remember what they said. So, I would just end up sitting back down at the table of friendly elderly people and avoid my other tables again.

2. Engineer. Any kind of engineer. Not only does my mind refuse to work in this way or at this capacity, whatever I worked on would be a safety hazard. If I designed anything, national security levels would be elevated. My planes would crash, my bridges would collapse and my computers would explode in people’s faces. I would in fact, destroy America.

3. Personal Trainer. Ha! I can’t even get my mind around this one. Not only do I not work out regularly, I haven’t a clue how to use the equipment. I’d get a cute outfit , wear a whistle around my neck and drink lots of water. Thats about it. People would be bench-pressing treadmills if I were in charge. I would be useless at spotting while people did weight training because I am a weakling and can barely pick up the bar. This means smashed faces and ambulance rides. I don’t see that working in my favor.

4. Weatherman. Yes, I am a woman, but “weatherwoman” sounds stupid so I am saying “weatherman”. It looks like a fun job and I could bob my hair and put on a blazer…that’s a good look for anyone. I just have a feeling that I wouldn’t figure out how to point to the right place when it’s just a green screen behind me. I’d point north instead of south on a accident. Then people in the north would think tornadoes were headed for them & take cover for no reason. People in the south would think they were clear of storms and get swept away when they went out for coffee…It’s not a good idea.

5. Archeologist. I wear contacts so this is automatically out. Too much dust floating around. Plus, I don’t think I would have the patience. I’d just yank things out of the ground instead of slowly brushing the dirt away. It would just be too slow paced. The one exception is if I did it Indiana Jones style. He was a professor (which I think I would be good at) that went on fun archeological adventures…and I don’t think Nazis can get in your contacts…

I did eventually fall asleep…

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There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

*** I am out of town for spring break, so this week I am pulling some posts from the archives. Enjoy!***

If you are just now visiting this blog, I am turning 30 on Friday. I have spent the past month writing lessons that I have learned in my 20s. Today’s lesson…There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

Sophie painting in a church service at Mosaic in Seattle.

Sophie painting in a church service at Mosaic in Seattle.

I wish this was my idea. I wish that this was my title even. But I stole it. Jady preached a sermon several years ago with this title. As I sat in my seat listening I was stunned at the truth in what he was saying.

There are some things that only art can say. It’s not because artists are reclusive and lack social skills, so they are forced to draw out what they feel like a twisted game of Pictionary. Some realms of communication and expression that cannot be translated into any other median are left to be expressed by art alone. Some aspect of God that is delivered through our senses. Through vibrant color, a snapshot of a photo. A chorus that captures the inmost places of your heart. The poems that draw out your imagination & the smells that are produced as food is cooked with skill.

Here are some photographs that say a lot. I’ll tell you what they stir in me.

Lessons From My 20s: There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

source: unknown

I can’t take my eyes off this photo. Something about humanity. The strength of love’s tender resilience. It speaks to the soul of beauty. It makes me feel secure.


Lessons From My 20s: There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

source: unknown

An image of creation. The unexpected colors, and the blur
of the fog…
A firey peace fills my heart when I see it.


Lessons From My 20s: There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say


The childlike places in my heart smile. I am reminded of the wonder of life. The imagination spins and I begin to dream. What can God do next. What lies beyond the expected?


Lessons From My 20s: There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

source: unknown

Movement. The physical expression of an internal pulse.
Oh! To feel something so deeply that my body’s response is
movement. Action.


My husband is a very smart man. One of the smartest I know. He has severe dyslexia & school was always a challenge growing up. He was told that he was stupid. He was openly made fun of by his 5th grade science teacher. The school counselors told him he should just go to a trade school instead of finishing high school. When he told them he wanted to go to a four year college, they smirked. Told him that he couldn’t do it. So much pain, fear, frustration. He had numerous conversations telling people that he was bigger than his dyslexia. One day he was having a particularly hard time with fractions. He went to bed that night feeling the heavy weight of defeat.

Knock, knock. It was his mom.  “Get out of bed Jady. Come to the kitchen table.” She had written the math problems that he had been trying to solve on a large poster board. She gave it to him along with some paint. “Paint over it.”And he did.

The harassing and accusing math problems were covered with swirls of color. Strokes of creativity took their place. Every ridiculing and doubtful conversation represented on the paper was overcome with beauty. He went to bed that night feeling free. He had said something that night. He had said that he was an overcomer.

Art brings beauty. Art brings comfort, hope, joy, reflection. A perspective of wonder. A dynamic tale told through our senses. Art says something of God to our hearts. We are all artists. Music, writing, dance, culinary, crafting, drawing, paint, drama…so many forms.

We are all artists with stories to tell. Get out your pens, paint, guitar, ballet shoes…and say something. Say it loudly from the deepest places within you. Be moved. There are some things that only art can say.


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sunday kind of love: Africa for Norway

Well played Africa. Well played.

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March 10, 2013 · 8:00 am

you are very unusual

I hope you are not offended when I say that you are quite unusual. Very abnormal in fact. That is what I want to tell so many people. I know you may not think of yourself as stand-out or noteworthy. You feel average on so many levels. But, you aren’t. The things that seem so normal to you are not normal to me.

Isn’t it normal to be able to cook yummy meals? No.

Isn’t it normal to think of creative slogans? No.

Isn’t it normal to be able to come up with fun craft ideas for your kids? No.

Isn’t it normal for people to be able to draw beautiful pictures? No.

Isn’t it normal for businessmen to have successful ideas? No.

Isn’t it normal for people to imagine the future and all it could be? No.

They are all gifts! I was amazed when people told me that I was a good writer. I was almost 30 and had always assumed that writing came naturally to everyone. It just seemed so normal to me.

So, today remember this. Our gifts seem normal and ordinary to us, but they are not to everyone else.  If you are a creative mind, AWESOME! If you can cook, BRING ME CUPCAKES! If you take amazing pics, CELEBRATE your ability to capture life in all its beauty.

You are not normal. In fact, you are very unusual.


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why Christians shouldn’t sing karaoke


via Matt Humphrey

Have you ever played iPhone karaoke? The person puts in earphones, plays some music,cranks it up and sings along. They can’t hear themselves …just the music. And you can just hear them singing, but not the background music. It is one of the best games ever invented. Like Chess, Battleship or Girl Talk. (anyone remember that one?) Please, try it. May I suggest choosing Mariah Carey or Coldplay for your cover songs? Well, I just did.

Cover songs are interesting things. For those of you who are not as schooled as I am in the ways of music, when you “cover” a song it means you sing someone else’s song. Now that we are clear on that…I think Christians listen to too many “cover” songs. Where in the world am I going with this, eh? (that “eh” was a shout out to my Canadian readers. I see you peeps. )

I think  Christians sing too many cover songs. We can easily surround ourselves with all the Christian things. All the books, the music, endless conferences and podcasts…and we feel stuck. Can’t seem to get over the hump. Stuck in patterns of fear, doubt, insecurity, addiction…take your pick. If truth sets us free, why are we still trapped?

You may have gone to a concert and heard a great band singing “Yesterday”. It was the Beatle’s lyrics and notes…but you didn’t hear the Beatles. You just heard their music. It isn’t the same thing.

If you go to a show & hear Paul McCartney sing “Yesterday” …then you have heard The Beatles. His performance of the song is so genuine, powerful and mesmerizing…not like the cover band, no matter how good they were. Just because the same music was sung, it didn’t come from the same source. And it didn’t have the same effect.

I love worship music. I love conferences. I love podcasts and books that unwrap revelation. But they don’t set me free. They don’t break the patterns in my life. Their purpose is to point me to the Source. Listening to a pastor tell you what the Bible says, isn’t the same as knowing what the Bible says. Just like listening to someone sing “Blackbird” at a karaoke bar isn’t the same as the Beatles.

I was in a meeting once and someone said that speaking truth was like throwing a speedboat in front of you and the momentum from the boat pulls you along behind it. That’s how Truth propels us and gets us un-stuck.

When we sing someone else’s song there is no speedboat. Just a big wake. It moves us and rocks us…but it doesn’t take us anywhere. And in a few minutes everything is back just as it was, and you have to wait for another wake to come by.

That’s not how we were meant to live. We are supposed to be pulled by a speedboat, not waiting around for a wake. If we want to move into the next place God has for us, we  better attach ourselves to the speedboat. God Himself. Fresh Revelation. The Original Source. Listen to cover songs along the way to encourage you holding onto the line…but don’t let go of your rope trying to grab onto a cover band along the way.

You were not made to be moved by something. You were made to move things.


March 6, 2013 · 3:45 pm




Happy Monday guys! For today’s post I have actually guest posted over at A Life Surrendered. I am part of a series on doing justice. Did you know you were made to do justice? That is what I am talking about over there today. Check it out and participate in the conversation!

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five things every guy should have in their house



This isn’t a decorating blog, but it is Sunday. And that means I can share random stuff I like. Today I picked 5 things that I would have in my house if I were a dude. So, take notes guys. I have seen some of your houses. They need help.

1. Throw pillows from Landon Sheely.

He has tons of great masculine throw pillows & some cool prints as well.

2. Tabacco candle by Malin & Goetz

Guys. This smells SO good. It is a bit pricey but they burn forever.


3. Gadsen Flag

I would absolutely have an old Gadsen flag in my house if I were a guy. Find them on Etsy, Ebay… just find one.


source unknown

4. Wooden Otto Fan by Carlo Borer

Coolest fan ever? I think so.


5. Tweed Strip Boom Case

Oh, I die. Love these bad boys.

*** Honorable Mention***

Old books. Having these around your house gives off the impression that you are somehow deep and mysterious. The Mr. Darcy quality that we women love so much.


So, there you have it. Five things I would have in my house if I were a guy. Now you know. Happy Sunday everyone!

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