Sunday Kind of Love : Rend Collective

If you love Jesus. If you love Mumford. Then you will love this Irish worship band.



April 7, 2013 · 12:42 pm

13 responses to “Sunday Kind of Love : Rend Collective

  1. Cool. They’re obviously from Northern Ireland. Hope they’re singing in the South, too! Great lyrics!

  2. Reblogged this on staying awake and commented:
    Oh you know… Just a bit obsessed!!

  3. I love this album! It’s been on repeat in my car for over a month. You should check out Strahan’s album “Posters.” It is another recent favorite.

  4. Oddie

    Love this song. Fell in love with them when i heard their cover for ‘Be thou my vision’

  5. girl!II i have been obsessed with rend collective experiment since the beginning! they are my favorite and i have all their emails!

  6. and by emails i meant albums! obviously I am writing this while at work when I should be responding to emails! lol. I am glad you love my favorite Irish band! happy monday!!!

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