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Every Sunday I share something I discovered during the week that  I love. This time I am sharing my Saturday morning experience. I am a big city girl at heart, but I come from a mid-size Texas town. I was born and bred in Waco, Texas. I spent yesterday morning at the local farmers market. Moments like these remind me how charming my town is and how grateful I am to be from here.

Fresh veggies, local artisans, hipster baristas, and delicious bahn mi sandwiches made from the cutest little Vietnamese man you ever did see. Sophie ran into her friend Naraiah and they played for a bit by the river. I snapped a few pics that I’m sharing today. Happy Sunday!















So, what do you love about YOUR hometown?

I’d love to know.



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6 responses to “my hometown

  1. mnicholas2012

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I love the way our Jones Valley greens up in the springtime. We go from bleak midwinter to tropical rainforest over the course of a week. I love the hackberry forest that sweeps down over Red Mountain and into the city. I love that in the summer on Saturday nights we have fireworks we can see from the front porch from the club (literally, it’s called The Club) up on the mountain from someone’s wedding reception and fireworks we can see from the back porch from the baseball stadium. I love going to The Club and eating dinner beside all different kinds of people who would only have been allowed to be there as servers when it opened in 1951. I love how our city has transformed its iron and steelworking heritage into a vibrant community of cast-iron sculptors. I love Frank Stitt and the oysters he flies in from the Gulf every day in season for dinner at Highlands Bar and Grill. I love the dude at the Community Garden who ties up radishes in twine for the people at the Aids Outreach. I love the local craft brew. I love the public library. Just to name a few things. 🙂

  3. As much as your blog has been a blessing to me, I’ll give you the three-penny tour for free if you ever find yourself in Birmingham without a guide. 🙂

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