“Good Luck”


This is a simple realization that I came to the other day. I have never, ever heard God wish me luck. I have done many things in my 31 years. I don’t think He has so much as even crossed His fingers on my behalf.

Sometimes it seems as if  I am in the middle of complete chaos. Or the waters I am sailing into are utterly uncharted. One would think a little luck would be useful. In fact, I would like to rub some rabbit’s feet right about now.

But, God just isn’t into luck. He doesn’t give me a pat on the back and a “go get ’em tiger” pep talk. There is no map handed over and well wishing. None. Nothing. Nada.

I get mad about that sometimes. It can feel like He just ships me out here and hopes I make it through okay. Aim east and may fate be kind… On days like today I could use a little luck, God.

But God doesn’t do luck. He doesn’t send a map and watch to see if I am savvy enough to figure it out. There is no test to see if I deserve to get where I am headed. No lucky penny, special potion or magical prayer to chant.

Instead He comes with me. He sits next to me telling me “go right” and “go left”. He doesn’t watch and see how I do, He helps me do everything. God has a plan for every adventure I am on.

So if you feel stalled at sea or caught in choppy waves, God is with you. He didn’t send you out there to see how you measure up or if you have what it takes. Of course you have what it takes. You have Him. And that is all it takes.

God doesn’t say “Good luck”. He says ” I am with you”. And that is way better than luck.


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3 responses to ““Good Luck”

  1. Oddie

    What a beautiful way to start my morning. Thank you.

  2. Staci

    I’ve always felt weird about saying “good luck” after coming back to my faith. I say “Blessings to you!” instead. Luck is random, people think they make their own luck. Luck is by chance. IMO it’s insulting for Christians to say “good luck” because God is the giver of good gifts to all, even non believers. God blesses His children so that means He has an active part in our lives, and again even in non Christians lives (Matt. 5:45). Our days are orchestrated by Him so lets honor Him by acknowledging His blessings.

  3. Being in the midst of the unknown right now, this was exactly the reminder I needed this morning. I’m so glad that God is with us, not just sending us out to the unknown by ourselves. Thanks.

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