Sunday Kind of Love : ‘Merica


This week was the 4th of July, and today’s love is ‘Merica. I think that July 4th may be my favorite holiday. Okay, fine. My very favorite holiday is Christmas, but this is a close second. I’m sharing my pictures with you from the festivities.

It started with a neighborhood parade and ended with a BBQ with friends. But, I’ll just let you see a few highlights.


Me & the littles.


Bikes decorated & balloons distributed. Time to start this parade people.


Can you handle the cuteness of this girl & her dog?


About 500 people from our neighborhood took part in the parade. Community involvement makes me happy.


A reminder on a mailbox of the sons & daughters who never came home. Just about made me cry.


My brother & his family were there.


Free snow cones for all who walked in the parade. Yum.


Snow cones with cousins


This lady brought her patriotic doll to the festivities. But this is America and she can do that.


BBQ time. The guys were SO thrilled to have kid sparklers. No flames. No booms. Just what they were hoping for.


Fire = happy 4 yr old


One of America’s finest.


Friends make holidays better.

imageGod Bless ‘Merica.



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2 responses to “Sunday Kind of Love : ‘Merica

  1. Eve

    Wow! Love seeing the uniform on the mailbox. Instantly got teary eyed. It’s a reminder that freedom isn’t free. There is a price to be paid. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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