I agree with Ashton Kutcher

I never thought I would post something from the Teen Choice Awards. Never say never though, right? Unless you are Justin Beiber.

I agree with ALL three things he listed. But, I really like what he tells girls about being sexy.

Sorry about the screaming 14 year olds.


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August 14, 2013 · 8:45 pm

6 responses to “I agree with Ashton Kutcher

  1. Lolly

    I heard a bit of this on the radio yesterday. Glad to see the whole thing. Great message for young people.

  2. Hillary and I watched this last night. It was so great! Loved what he had to say to young people. Thanks for sharing Liz

  3. Andrea

    I think he is right. I made my 10 year old watch it and told her to really listen. She said he goes to our church…lol…I told her not possible he’s a famous person but hopefully she got the message.

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