The NOT so endless summer


NEWS FLASH: Summer is almost over.

Well, for some of you it is already over. I still have a bit before my daughter starts 1st grade. Last night I was looking at the mounds of activities & schedules for the fall. Its a lot. I’m not quite ready for it.

So, I’ve decided to have an end of summer break. I want to soak up time with the kids before they get swallowed up in school & soccer games. See you guys the first week of September.

Here are a few of my favorite posts if you want some end-of-summer reading!

( Disclaimer: Some of these are old. Way before I knew anything about creating or editing images. So, don’t laugh at me too hard. )

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What To Do When You Feel Small

The ONE Cuss Word Every Christian Should Say

Stewarding Dreams

There Are Some Things Only Art Can Say

Dreaming Without Fear

See you peeps in 10 days.

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