An Uncomfortable January


You know that thing that sets you on fire and makes you come alive? The dream in the deepest-most-secret part of your soul that keeps you up at night with your heart pounding and mind reeling at the thought of “what if?”. Or the idea that makes you laugh out loud because it is so absurd that it just might work? Yea, that’s the one.

Well, you are in good company. Let me tell you why…

I have a love hate relationship with the month of January. I spent New Years Day tucked in a nook of a local coffee shop with my journal and day planner. Sketching out brilliant ideas and dreams that I hope will unfold in 2014. Not simply tasks or goals I want to do at some point in the next 365 days, but thinking through who I want to become this year as well.

That’s the love part.

Then there is the actual implementation part. After I wrote all my hopes and dreams down I took a good hard look at what it would actually take to accomplish them this year. What would I have to say “no” to? What would I have to learn or change about myself? How early will I have to wake up to actually workout?

That’s the hate part.

Like I was saying, yesterday afternoon was spent dreaming into this next year. As I sat there with my lukewarm coffee in hand, I read through all the scribbles in my notebook. How is this all going to happen? Aside from a strict budget, earlier bedtime and pots upon pots of coffee one thing stood out – RISK.

I will have to get uncomfortable and risk not being picked, risk making the wrong choice, look past disappointment, risk looking like a total idiot, and forcing myself to choose hope instead of fear…so many ways I will have to stretch if I want to really pursue my dreams in 2014.

Welcome to An Uncomfortable January.

Last year I did a series called An Uncomfortable January where I did one thing each day that made me uncomfortable – made me risk – because no one can chase dreams from their comfort zone. The series is back again by popular demand this year.

‘Cause we have passions to burn for, dreams to chase, character to build, and ideas to create.

I have some amazing guests lined up – from a model in NYC to a former army ranger – who will be sharing what risk looks like for them.

So, guess what peeps? We are gonna go out on a ledge. Starting right now. Today I took a risk and chopped all my hair off just to get us started. Yea, that’s right. I went all pixie cut on you. Wanna know why? Cause we are risky like that in 2014.


My friend Chris always says that most people are too overwhelmed to take action because they are trying to cover miles at a time when they should be focused on taking inches. And that’s true I think. Most writers don’t want to grow a blog we just want to go straight to New York Times best sellers list. What musician has time to actually play small local gigs? It’s Grammys or bust baby.

And of course, we all want to find that one singular thing that makes us special.

Reality is that miles are taken one inch at a time – not in one heroic leap.

This January it is about pursing our dreams by taking our inches.

Go ahead, take a moment and dream freely. What would you do if you had no fear?

We are risking on those answers. Together, taking our inches and risking.

Who knows? Maybe we will all fall flat on our faces, come up short and move to rural Nebraska to hide our heads in shame.

Or maybe it will work and come December we will look back in disbelief at the ground our “inches” have covered. Maybe, just maybe, that “thing” will grow legs and carry us into our destiny.

At the very least we will end up with great stories and the satisfaction of knowing that we didn’t fail to act.

So, here is to another Uncomfortable January. The month we each acknowledge that we have a destiny and passion worth following. Friendships worth forging and jokes worth telling.

Why? Because we are alive and the breath in our lungs is there for a reason. Plus, it’s 2014 and we are risky like that.

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21 responses to “An Uncomfortable January

  1. BlondetourageBlog

    Reblogged this on The BlondetourageBlog's Blog and commented:
    She gets it! Get comfortable being uncomfortable because dreams require growth 🙂

  2. Ooooh I like this. We just moved our family of 6 from Oregon to Ukraine in November. Everyday is full of uncomfortable moments, but it’s too easy to shy away from some of them, instead of MAKING MYSELF ask that question in broken Russian. 🙂 Thanks for the challenge. 2013 was pretty risky, 2014 should be quite interesting!

    • Kim, I understand this more than you know! When I was in junior high my family moved to Russia. Wish I could grab coffee with you and swap stories! I’d love to hear more about what you are doing there!

  3. “it’s 2014 and we are risky like that.” Loved that phrase. Here’s to getting comfortable being uncomfortable!

  4. What a great idea. I wish we had read this before we posted our 14 ways to Begin a New Journey in 2014. ( We would have loved to link your post to that list!!!

  5. Very challenging! Love that you took the plunge and cut your hair! I am a very calculated risk-taker, lol. And I am looking forward to being challenged by this!

  6. Great idea. Making January deliberately uncomfortable really turns those “January blues” on their head. Can’t wait to follow your challenge and attempt a Few risks myself!

  7. Becky

    I loved everything about this post! My theme for 2014 is to go all in in my relationship with God, regardless of what He asks (and to start it off, I just said yes to a trip to South Africa in March!) . And I know its going to be hard, but I love your thought about looking back in December on all the inches gained! Its so hard sometimes to see the inches when we want to calculate the miles. Awesome reminder!

    • Becky, I have the hardest time remembering that even inches take me someplace. I love your theme for 2014 and that you are taking a trip to South Africa. What an adventurous year ahead!

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  14. oh, i LOVE this. every. single. thing. this series is amazing. the spirit of it is absolutely spot on. i am spreading the word! gotta share these stories and your heart. xo, rachel

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