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you are very unusual

I hope you are not offended when I say that you are quite unusual. Very abnormal in fact. That is what I want to tell so many people. I know you may not think of yourself as stand-out or noteworthy. You feel average on so many levels. But, you aren’t. The things that seem so normal to you are not normal to me.

Isn’t it normal to be able to cook yummy meals? No.

Isn’t it normal to think of creative slogans? No.

Isn’t it normal to be able to come up with fun craft ideas for your kids? No.

Isn’t it normal for people to be able to draw beautiful pictures? No.

Isn’t it normal for businessmen to have successful ideas? No.

Isn’t it normal for people to imagine the future and all it could be? No.

They are all gifts! I was amazed when people told me that I was a good writer. I was almost 30 and had always assumed that writing came naturally to everyone. It just seemed so normal to me.

So, today remember this. Our gifts seem normal and ordinary to us, but they are not to everyone else.  If you are a creative mind, AWESOME! If you can cook, BRING ME CUPCAKES! If you take amazing pics, CELEBRATE your ability to capture life in all its beauty.

You are not normal. In fact, you are very unusual.


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89 years of AWESOME.


This is a good one people. Today is my Grandma’s 89th birthday! If you knew my grandmother you would be as smitten as I am. She is funny, beautiful and full of life.

This is a lady who intentionally didn’t buy a book for her Spanish class in college so she would have to share with the guy she thought was cute. ( nevermind she had a boyfriend at the time) Her plan worked and my grandfather proposed on the 4th of July several years later.


My grandmother at 16 (yes, I know you can see my reflection. I’m not a photog)

Her life is laced with delightfully funny stories. During WWII, her girlfriends all knit scarves, hats and mittens for the troops. It was their duty of course. Problem was her knitting was so bad the army rejected it. Must have been really bad. She passed on her non-crafty genes to me.


In snowy North Dakota where she grew up.

We would get together over coffee during my college days and she would talk to me about life, God, and falling in love. She and my grandfather loved well. Her wisdom is deep and transparent.


With Grandma last year on her birthday.

Now, I take my kids to her house for popsicles and she tells them her latest jokes. She shares her parenting advice and I listen. I look at her beautiful face that is still full of life and hope. And pray that I will be as lovely one day.

I pray that I will leave a legacy that extends through generations just like she has done.

I really, really pray that my skin will glow at age 89 without a sunspot to be seen.

I pray that I will love my family the way she has.

I pray that people smile and light up when they see me. Just like they do when they see her.

I pray that I will love God with my home, resources and time the way she has.

I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday! 

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A Sunday Kind Of Love

via Sweet Anthem

via Sweet Anthem

I have had a sudden surge of interest into the world of perfumes. My friend Tom pointed me to this treasure of a shop. Sweet Anthem is a microperfumery and their scents  I have smelled are fantastic. They offer handmade fragrances for both men & women. If you have a super picky nose then their option of creating a custom blend is perfect for you.

I can tell you that ‘Sophie’ is a great scent and I am hoping to try ‘Caroline’ soon. To make buying online less intimidating they will ship you samples of 3 fragrances for only $12. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this shop too.


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December 9, 2012 · 1:11 pm

My Winter Must Haves

I’m gonna go on the record right here, right now and say that this time of year is my very favorite. There only downside or fall/winter is that it wreaks havoc on my skin. This is particularly annoying because this is the time of year we take photos for Christmas cards that we mass distribute to friends and family. Not to mention the endless parties that happen over the holidays.

So, I have put together my list of must haves for the season. You will be dazzling and ready for any photo or party in no time.


Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar Moisturizer $39 

This beauty is a lifesaver. I discovered it when I moved to Seattle years ago. It has enough moisture to keep skin looking dewy, but it never feels or looks oily. A jar is $39 and will last you all winter. A cult-favorite and for a good reason.


Baby Lips by Maybelline $3.99

This lip balm does wonders. It packs enough moisture to keep lips soft instead of rough or peeling. There is just enough of a tint to double as your lip color. Plus, it isn’t waxy like a lot of other products. I keep them stashed in all my purses.


DIY Body Scrub

I discovered this one last winter. Mix equal parts olive oil with sugar. I mix up a little batch about once a week and scrub my hands with it. It would be fantastic as an all-over scrub, but I’m just too lazy. However, it does leave my hands exfoliated and incredibly soft. Perfect for that Christmas party manicure. Speaking of nails…


Essie Nail Polish: Size Matters & Gold As It Gets $8

Sparkle is everywhere during the holidays and it should be on you too. If you are a 12 year old girl then you can pretty much put glitter anywhere and get away with it. Once you are over the age of 18, I suggest keeping glitter on your nails only. Paint your nails with Essie’s Size Matters. After it dries, put a coat of Gold As It Gets topcoat on. The result is the perfect red manicure with a subtle gold shimmer. Classy & party-friendly.


Nars Blush $28

Don’t skip the blush. Unless of course you like people asking if you feel unwell. Look lively and youthful with a touch of color on your cheeks. Nars blush is probably the best I have found. It is pricy, but highly pigmented. This means you don’t need much product to get the desired color result. That means it lasts longer AND  you will avoid the ‘cakey’ look many people have when they have too much make up on. For a natural flush…Nars is the way to go.


Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics $28

No one likes being pale, but winter is not the time to look like a Tahitian goddess either. This bronzer gives you more of a warmth to your face instead of an awkward tan. It works on pretty much any skin coloring and comes with a great brush. Again, it is a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.


ColorBurst Lipgloss by Revlon $7.49

The holidays are a perfect time to wear a bold color on your lips. A lipstick can look really elegant, but it can also be a bit flat or draw attention to chapped lips. ColorBurst has the color pigment of a lipstick, but the texture of a gloss. There are numerous colors and can be used alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. A great budget-friendly item.


New York Color IndividualEyes $4.99

Smokey Eyes are a great look for holiday events. But, they can be intimidating. This compact takes all the work out of it. It matches coordinating colors together, gives you a primer & highlighter , and tells you where to put all of it. The colors are really flattering and stay put like a champ. Nothing not to love.

Hope these were helpful.

What are the products you can’t live without during the winter months? I’d love to know!

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Celebrating The One-Legged Lady

My sweet daughter. A lady who always speaks her mind.

I love being a mom, really I do. There are moments when it can be a bit challenging though. Moments when your daughter points out things that are best left unsaid. Especially when you are in a public place. 

“Look! She only has ONE leg!!!”
“Mom, that guy’s eyes are so creepy!”
“Hey!!! Why is the fat lady shopping in that motorized cart? Is she too fat to walk???”
We were in Target once when something terrible happened.  The cashier was a woman in her mid 30s & as we inched closer to the register my stomach dropped. There were people lined up behind us so there was no way of escaping what I knew was about to happen. The female cashier had a beard. Not just peach fuzz, some real facial hair. Dear God, please don’t let Sophie say anything. PLEASE!
Next thing I know my darling daughter yells, “Mom! That lady has a beard! No, really she has hair on her face.”. She didn’t say it or whisper. The volume was full on yelling. Ugh.
Desperate to get her quiet I found myself saying, “Yes she does. But doesn’t she have pretty eyes?”. It was an attempt to patch what I am sure was a painful blow to this poor lady who just got called out  for her hormone imbalances. 

Thankfully Sophie agreed that her eyes were pretty. Checking out was still a painful process. Do I apologize to the lady? Do I act like my daughter didn’t just publicly shame her? I ended up just handing her the credit card & getting out without mentioning it.

Walking to the car I realized that most people, women especially, do that too. Focus on what is wrong not what is right. Focus on the peach fuzz on their chin instead of their crystal blue eyes. Most of us don’t know how to celebrate imperfection. Especially in ourselves.

Now when Sophie points out the old lady with shaking arms, we talk about how pretty her long fingers are. The lady with burned skin on her face actually has a beautiful smile. The child in her class who is autistic may do things that she thinks are strange, but he also has a contagious laugh.

I don’t want my daughter to be like me. Secretly, I see all of the imperfections in people and get disgusted. Especially with my own imperfections. 

I want my kids to know how to celebrate the woman with one leg. How to praise her for what IS beautiful about her. Not just so they can be nice, but because it will be them one day.

One day they will realize that they aren’t perfect. None of us are. Our bodies carry more fat than we would like, our athletic abilities fall short, we didn’t grow as tall as we wish we had and our hard work won’t always show on a test score.

I want my kids to admire the woman with one leg for her strength, because one day they will realize that they are not perfect themselves. They will discover their missing “leg”.  And I want them to celebrate anyway.


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