About Liz




My name is Liz Griffin. I am a writer, abolitionist, dreamer and believer. And this place?  This is my pep talk to the world. 

When I was seven I began traveling and I havent’ stopped since. My travels have taken me to over 20 countries. I have been marked by this beautiful world – from the hipsters of London to the widows of central Africa. And I’ve realized something along the way. Humanity is beautiful and worth celebrating.

At my core I am an activist. I really believe that people can make a difference – and should. For the past three years I have worked with an international anti-human trafficking organization called UnBound. If our dreams aren’t big enough to include social change then I think we miss the power we hold as dreamers.

Jesus is my lifeline. No, I’m not weird. But if I don’t let you know that then I’m not really being honest. So, now you know. You can believe something else and we will still be friends. I promise.

I started this place for the dreamers, doers and original gangsters to gather. I started it for you.  ‘Cause I think the stuff you carry inside you is gold – pure gold.

– Liz Griffin